• Rexburg TEDx!

    Janet will be presenting her TEDx talk on caregivers and the importance of mindfulness training in the workplace March 28 in Rexburg, ID. Get your tickets now!

    Santa Cruz Retreat!

    The question isn’t IF you can take time to recharge, reenergize and fill your cup with JOY.
    The question is: Why wouldn't you?

    Join Nearly Mindful in Santa Cruz May 28-31

    Meditation Podcast

    Looking to get a regular mindfulness meditation practice going and you don't know where to start? Listen in to the Nearly Mindful Podcast. Short and to the point, a great way to start your practice. Updated weekly.

    Living a Mindful Life Meetup

    If you're interested in exploring ideas about self-awareness, mindful living, easy ways to reduce stress and be happier? You're why we are creating this group.

    Once a month we'll gather around a table and hold space for open conversation. The goal is to talk about our lives and techniques for managing all that stuff

    Meditation at Work

    A recent article from the Harvard Business Review on the impact of meditation on leadership points out the value of meditation and mindfulness in the workplace for helping to improve perspective, improve relationships at work and reduce conflict.

    Learn simple mindfulness meditation practices you can do anywhere–even the office– to reduce stress, improve focus and happiness at work!

    Workshop for Caregiving Employees

    Are you caring for family and working too? Take this workshop to gain skills you need for effective coping and problem-solving strategies to take better care of yourself and those you care for!

    2 in-person dates available and one online. Click through to learn more and choose the best option for you.

    Workshop for Team Leaders

    Learn to use mindfulness and emotional intelligence to reduce stress, increase productivity and employee engagement with a special focus on supporting the caregivers on your team.

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    On the Mindful Social Podcast Janet interviews business leaders who take a mindful approach to life and work and thought leaders in mindfulness and emotional intelligence.Listen to the most recent episode below or click here to listen to previous episodes.

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