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Stories to lift your spirits in a crisis

With hope and gratitude

As the world pretty much goes into lockdown and survival more, there’s a LOT to talk about. At first there was panic, some doubt about how we were going to handle all of this. Then fear set in when whole countries started quarantine, hoarding and data.

All our social media feeds were full of stories, data, misinformation and dread.

But now. Now we are seeing humanity rally. Acts of kindness and rising to the challenge with creativity. You see, we humans are pretty resilient when we put our minds to it. When we can open our minds to good we see less of the doom and gloom and can begin to live.

So today I’d like to share some of the amazing stories with you. To lift you up and help you smile. Cuz that’s what people do when they want to be resilient. We look to beauty and kindness and love.

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In Florence Italy, Opera Singer Maurizio Marchini offered a free concert from his balcony. In Amsterdam, Madrid and many other cities impromptu concerts, applause for the care workers and even a flash mob broke out to be together from a distance.

Canada’s top 6 banks offered 6 months of deferred mortgage payments.

So It Goes Coffeehouse in Coos Bay, Or is offering daily storytime for kids via Facebook, and it’s kinda magical.

With no boats roaring up and down the canals of Venice, dolphins and swans appeared, and the water cleared so much that people could see fish swimming by.

You know those adorable little libraries that popped up in neighborhoods? Now people are using them as free pantries for those in need.

The New York Library App offers free downloads of over 300,000 books!

Watch some of the top Broadway shows for free online, including classics like Cats, The Sound of Music, and ballets too

A California teenager offers survival kits with hand sanitizer masks and other necessities to the homeless.

On the meditation and mindfulness front
Zen and mindfulness centers are beginning to offer free online resources including virtual retreats and classes.

Tara Brach and Jack Kornfiled a half-day at home retreat.

Spirit Rock Free Audio teachings on Sound Cloud. Also offering virtual retreats and dharma talks. See the schedule here.

San Jose’s Breathe Together Yoga is closed, but offering free online Yoga classes through Facebook and Youtube Live.

Ten Percent Happier offers their CoronaVirus Sanity Guide and streaming live every day at 3 PM Eastern time..