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Too busy for Mindfulness?

“Oh, I have a monkey mind, it’s just too busy to be mindful!”

“I don’t have time for that mindfulness stuff”

I hear these phrases and others just like them a lot lately. People think that mindfulness is time consuming and difficult. Neither of these statements is usually true, it's just that it seems easier than learning more about it.

The truth is, everyone’s minds are busy, even acclaimed meditators have to manage the thoughts racing through their minds. It’s not just you!

The job of the mind is to problem solve. To think thoughts, and that’s OK. But sometimes it keeps us from being our best. We lose focus. We make mistakes or bad choices. We forget to listen.

What meditation allows us to do is not get hung up on thoughts, or let the thoughts take over our mind.
To give ourselves the space to focus on what really matters, at that moment.

When people ask me to teach them mindfulness I don’t make them sit in meditation for 20 minutes, read the great works of knowledge on the subject, or lecture on the evils of mindlessness. That’s not helpful or fair.

Instead, I teach them how a microdose of mindfulness, helps build a habit of being less distracted and more focused. Taken in small doses, mindfulness is quite doable; it makes sense. Once that tiny dose works it’s magic? We want more.

This is an essential tool in the way I teach mindfulness and emotional intelligence. I call it Microdosed Mindfulness®. Click the link to learn more, and grab the free e-book with microdoses of mindfulness you can try for yourself!