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Mindful Cooking Workshop

Taking a more mindful approach to how and when we eat and having the right food available can help us feel good about ourselves and our choices. We can fully enjoy the tastes, textures, and aromas of our food with appreciation and a sense of satisfaction.

What if we choose to eat food that satisfies the craving for comfort AND is good for our bodies and mental well-being? How would we feel then?

Imagine feeling more in tune with your body's needs, making choices that truly nourish you from the inside out, knowing what you need to eat to feel good and be healthier in mind, body, and spirit!

  • In this workshop, we will:
  • Savor the experience of tasting and experiencing food more fully.
  • Learn simple mindfulness tips to recognize and manage stress-related eating.
  • How to create smarter habits around how, what, and when we choose to eat.
  • Learn about the “6 Tastes” in Ayurvedic cooking and how it relates to our wellbeing.
  • Enjoy a sampling of delicious foods and lunch prepared by Chef Stefani Brandt, a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor.
  • How to use your innate wisdom to take better care of yourself and be rewarded with more energy, less stress, and more trust in yourself.