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My 3 Words for 2020

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My dear friend Shonali Burke reminded me this year how important it is to give thought to what happened over the last year as well as look forward to the next. Rather than crafting New Year resolutions, we’ve take Chris Brogan’s lead in choosing three words to help guide our choice and actions.

I haven’t really shared my words before, but 2020 is going to be a huge year for me, full of change, excitement, and challenges, so I think a little accountability will do me some good, so if you see me, help me stay on track. I’m happy to do the same for you, so share your three words in the comments why dontcha?


I’ve always called myself an introvert, but now I realize that that label and mindset has restricted my connection with people and my personal and professional growth. It doesn’t mean I won’t need time to myself to regenerate, but I will come back out of my cave with an open mind and heart, ready to connect on a deeper level with the humans around me and learn, learn, learn.


Resonance has many meanings. The vibration of sound, light, the movement of water, every atom in the universe resonates. Some are more in tune than others.

In some cases that vibration feels right we can actually resonate with it- feeling the vibration in ourselves and stimulating a sympathetic response (the purring of a kitten). If it is jarring and unacceptable? It can put us off and push us away.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from entrepreneurship, coaching, and teaching, when we truly allow ourselves to connect on a heart level with others it creates a resonance that impacts us on many levels. When something rings false? It needs a closer look.

As I move through my life I will let my heart resonate without holding back, being true to myself and others. I will make choices that resonate with my truth and choose accordingly.


I will trust what I have learned to show me the way forward. After 25 years of entrepreneurship I’ve learned a thing or two. Now that knowledge and innate understanding will continue to support me on my new path. I will trust others before I leap to judgement of them. I will listen first., pause, take a breath and consider before speaking out against an idea. I will trust that there is more in store for me than I can imagine if I allow and trust.