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On Being GLAD

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Sometimes we can get caught up with negative thoughts flooding our minds to the point that we just can’t find anything positive to think about. And here it is the season of gratitude and giving, which for some can be a time of reflection, a time to re-evaluate where we are in our lives and where we’d like to be.

The stories we tell ourselves, the narrative, can color the way we live and resonate with others and if that narrative gets away from us it can drag us down, even on our best days.

It doesn’t have to continue to steer our lives if we don’t want it to.

One of the beauties of getting to know ourselves better through mindfulness and emotional awareness is that we can begin to recognize when we are in a negativity loop and consciously choose to shift our perspective.

Here’s a practice that can help turn things around, and if practiced regularly, it can level out the rollercoaster ride, the ups and downs of negativity and happiness.

Grab your journal and give GLAD practice a try!
Pick a time that works for you to do this daily. I like evenings, but many people prefer mornings or even lunchtime. It’s consistency that makes the habit stick, and helps to create an archive to go back to when you need a boost.

The process:

In your journal, write down one entry for each of the following.

G-Something you are Grateful for

L-One thing you Learned

A-One thing you Accomplished

D-One thing that Delighted you

As we learn to be more conscious of these things it becomes easier and easier to recognize them. Over time it becomes a natural habit to go through your day with gratitude, an appreciation for learning moments, celebrating our accomplishments and delighted by things tiny and grand.