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What are YOU doing about climate change?

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There really is no question that our climate is changing and it’s affecting every aspect of our lives. What do we as individuals do about it?

Is what we can do ourselves make a dent in the monstrous challenge? Can a mindful approach to living matter? Should we just throw our hands up and give up? Does all of the incredible stress we are under from all the other crisis in the world like political unrest and pandemic make it moot?

Join me on October 14th at 12 noon Pacific time for a TED Circle to discuss what we individuals can do!

What’s a TED Circle?

TED Circles is a global community of small groups who gather to discuss big ideas together. We believe in the power of ideas and frequent, face-to-face conversations to positively impact ourselves, our communities, and our world. Through TED Circles, a host can invite their friends, neighbors, strangers, or a mix - many who have not attended TED or TEDx events - into their home, school, office, and more to discuss a variety of interesting topics. TED provides monthly themes, recommended talks, and specific conversation starters so the host can focus on engaging everyone in constructive conversations. Here’s a summary of what TED Circles are and are not:

They are volunteer-hosted, small, face-to-face (in-person, online) gatherings where topics are safely discussed.

They are not a TED event, they are not a club or a one-off gathering, and they do not sell things or raise money.

How my TED Circle works

I am a registered host of TED Circles and gather individuals who are interested in open conversations on a topic of interest. I select a TED talk for us to discuss that is either current, suggested by a member of the group, or related to the TED team’s concept of the month. Currently these talks are held virtually for about an hour. Someday we hope to have them in person!

What’s the TED talk we’ll be discussing?
I’m inspired by Tom Rivett-Carnac’s talk on how we can truly create opportunities for real change. Use the link below to sign up and let’s talk about what you, me, and our collective friends can do to work toward the future we desire for humanity. Register here

Can’t make this one? Stay alerted of my upcoming TED Circles below.