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Recognize, step 1 of R.A.I.N.

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We often go through our lives not recognizing the state we are in- both physically and mentally don’t we? We discover we are disconnected from our selves and our emotions and physical expression of what emotions we may be feeling. That’s just one reason we turn to a coach or therapist and tell them something has happened to us, but we aren’t sure how to manage it.

The coach or therapist often responds with that classic phrase: “How do you feel about that?”. They recognize that we need to be more introspective, to recognize the impact of things on our life. To feel that tightness in the chest, or uplifted and buoyant, perhaps to recognize we are holding our breath or clenching our fist or our jaw. Perhaps we are avoiding or procrastinating or judging?

Give a little time and thought we can begin to recognize how this event is affecting us and the negative patterns we may. have attached to it to "fix" things.

Without this first step, the recognition of how we are experiencing this, it’s very hard for us to be mindful, to grow, to take care of ourselves and others, because we really aren't seeing he whole picture. Before we can manage anything we must recognize that a condition exists and the expressions of that condition.

The more often we practice this first step of recognizing what’s going on with us, the more quickly we can move forward with intent to do something about it!

This is the beginning of learning R.A.I.N., a 4 step process for managing difficulties with mindful self-awareness. Stay tuned!