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Women 40+ Stepping Into Your Aliveness

Midlife isn't a crisis; it's an opportunity.

If someone had told you in your 20’s this is what 40+ looked like, would you have believed ‘em?
Yeah, I get it. 40 was a big year for me, the beginning of becoming myself and stepping away from the stress and craziness of corporate. 25 years later, I LOVE my life and enjoy the flexibility and fluidity of choosing a growth mindset and a mindful life. And I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

Yes, life changes are happening.

  • Hormones, facing changes in the home and or career, transitions everywhere, stress, and that feeling of impending doom; and yet, surprisingly, there’s a blooming fresh perspective on life.
  • You find yourself seeing the BS around you, and you say so.
  • You don’t have time for the silliness.
  • You want MORE out of life than “this” whatever that is, and you reach out for more of the good stuff life has to offer.

This is about reclaiming your time and freedom and choosing to prioritize self-care and personal growth.

Are you “managing” your way through life now?
Managing family, work, pain, illness, managing your life? Managing can be just getting through and surviving. You deserve more than that!

Aliveness is not simply managing, it is living!
This meeting is an introduction to intentional living. We will discover together what is most alive for us now and nourish our hearts and minds. We’ll explore ways to find joy and fulfillment in every aspect of our lives.

You are coming into your own, your sense of self is stronger, and with that open mind, you’ve been exploring ways to get back in touch with your heart.

Don’t wait to register, do this for yourself right now. We will meet at A Healing Place Wellness Center in San Josse, CA, at 6 PM PDT. Grab your ticket below!