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RekindleYour Inner Spark

The Half-Day MindfulnessRetreat That Rewrites Your Saturday

On the day BEFORE Mother’s Day give the gift that speaks volumes in whispers. This Mindfulness Retreat is more than an escape—it’s a return to what’s real.

Seeking Serenity? Your Search Ends Here.
Ever fantasized about a magicbutton to freeze time? This half-Saturday retreat is your chance to turn that
daydream into daylight. Step away from the noise and into a space where every
second is about savoring stillness and mastering the present moment.

Rekindle Your Inner Spark.
Under the guidance of your host, Janet Fouts, you’ll discover the art of resilience and self-care. This half-day
haven is your workshop to forge a sharper focus, sculpt personal goals, and
paint a life that's aligned with grace—even when life splatters you with
unexpected challenges.

It's More Than a Retreat; It's a Renaissance.
Craving connection? Thirstyfor thoughtful conversation? At this retreat, words weave communities, and
silence strengthens souls. We’re not just sharing tea and tales but trading
tools for triumph in the trenches of daily life.

Meditation: Not Just a Moment—A Movement.
Our bite-sized meditationsdon’t just fit into your schedule; they expand it, giving you back time by
teaching you to inhabit it fully. Your busy world doesn't need to spin
faster—you just need to slow down.

Conversation: Turn Conflict into Harmony.
Converse, connect, andconquer the art of challenging chats. Learn the language of the heart, and let authenticity be your native tongue.

Science-Based: Because Wisdom Loves Company.
Dive deep into the well ofwisdom with practices steeped in science. This isn’t a temporary timeout; it’s
the gateway to a lifelong league of serenity and self-care.

An Invitation to Intimacy—With Yourself.
Limited availability ensuresthis journey is as unique as you are. With Janet’s personal coaching, sound
healing that sings to your soul, and a toolkit to turn every day into a
retreat, you’re not just investing in a day—you're investing in a direction.

Seize the Saturday. Transform your life.
Because the best investment you can make is in your well-being, and
the best time to start is now.