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    Mindfulness Training for Employee Caregivers

    Workshop Jan 7, 2020 10AM-4PM

  • Recent surveys report 40 million individuals in the US are performing care for a family member or friend without pay, adding up to 37 billion hours of care for loved ones. Most are also working to support themselves and/or family at the same time.

    Family caregivers often undergo a tremendous amount of stress while giving care to their loved ones. For many, the effects continue after the caregiving period has ended. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 40%-70% of caregivers show symptoms of depression with 25-50% meeting the diagnostic criteria for major depression.

    We've teamed up with CareWise™, an innovative solution for employee-caregivers to create a program offering a mindful approach to self-care for the caregiver and designed with elements from a number of well-respected self-care tools:

    • Mindfulness
    • Neuroscience
    • Positive Psychology
    • Conscious Communication
    • Meditation
    • Mindful Movement

    Why take this course?

    If you are now, or will be a caregiver for a family member or friend, this course is designed to give you the skills you need for effective coping and problem-solving strategies to take better care of yourself and those you care for.


    • Reduce stress, fatigue, and burnout
    • Increase wellbeing, resilience, and happiness in day to day life
    • Understand how compassion can replace frustration
    • Explore the neuroscience of stress, joy and how we can change the way we respond to triggers
    • How to have difficult conversations with family, friends, professional caregivers, and employers.
    • Set boundaries with clarity, intelligence, and heart
    • Get a clearer understanding of resources available to you
    • Create a plan for care now and in the future
    • Understand options in the workplace like company policies, insurance, internal resources, family leave, flex work, and legal issues

    Included in the course

    • An interactive day of learning and self-care practices
    • Workbook outlining tools to facilitate mindful self-care
    • Resources document with all resources mentioned in the class, including the latest research
    • 6-month membership in the CareWise™ Platinum program for employee caregivers
    • Private 1-hour one-on-one coaching with your instructor- Janet Fouts


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