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    Nearly Mindful?

    Being mindful in every moment is a rare thing in our busy, busy world.

    So each moment that we are mindful is worth savoring!

    Our mission is to demystify mindfulness, making it approachable and easily integrated into our daily lives through simple actions anyone can do.

    Nearly Mindful offers private coaching, retreats, and group programs on mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

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    8 Weeks to Transform Stress into Strength

    Stressed, Overwhelmed, and Out of Balance? Learn Practical Mindfulness Skills to Find Calm and Thrive in Work, Life, and Relationships.

    Introducing an 8-Week Microdosed Mindfulness® Course with Human Potential Facilitator Janet Fouts.

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    Living a Mindful Life Meetup

    Are you interested in exploring ideas about self-awareness, mindful living, and easy ways to reduce stress and be happier? This Meetup group is for you!

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    Meditation Podcast

    Looking to get a regular mindfulness meditation practice going and you don't know where to start? Listen in to the Nearly Mindful Podcast. Short and to the point, a great way to start your practice. Updated weekly.

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    Private Business Retreat

    We are scheduling a limited number of private team building and board retreats for businesses large and small to help bring teams back together in heart and mind. Improve communication, focus and productivity as well as give tools to be resilient in disruptive times. Reach out to Janet for more information today!

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    Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls

    Join Janet to hear her playing her Tibetan Singing Bowls in the Peace Garden in Rosicrucian Park, San Jose, Ca. on Saturday, July 10 · 9:00 AM PDT. Space is limited, register for this free event and learn more about this event at the link below on Meetup.com

  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

  • The Caregiver's Dillemma

    Janet's powerful TEDx talk on her caregiving journey and how the power of "microdosed mindfulness"

    helped her and her students to recover and care for themselves.

  • Want More?

    Get the latest news from Nearly Mindful, including webinars, classes, events, and

    information you can use to be more mindful in your life. Stay tuned!

  • Tune into the #MindfulSocial Podcast

    On the Mindful Social Podcast Janet interviews business leaders who take a mindful approach to life and work and thought leaders in mindfulness and emotional intelligence.Listen to the most recent episode below or click here to listen to previous episodes.

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