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    In-person or virtual training available

    Mindfulness Training for Team Leaders

  • Whether you lead a small team, a division, or an empire, you most likely already know that some of your workforce is responsible for caring for a family member. This can affect the performance of the entire team as the employee struggles to juggle responsibilities at home and at work.

    Harvard Business School’s The Caring Company report found that the crisis for American companies is going unnoticed by many corporations. Less than half in the study grasped the impact of caregiving on their workforce, while 3 of 4 employees surveyed reported caregiving responsibilities, and 80% admitted that caregiving affected productivity. Obviously that includes both the family caregivers as well as the entire team.

    What can leadership do?

    In today’s employment landscape we are focusing more and more on employee satisfaction, engagement and retention. It’s in the best interest of all leadership to foster a culture of mutual respect, compassion and community.

    This course offers the tools of mindfulness and emotional intelligence to the leadership team to reduce stress, increase productivity and self-awareness in themselves and their teams.

    Understanding the challenges faced by employee caregivers and taking a mindful approach to the challenges ahead can make a difference for the entire organization.

    Our facilitator from Nearly Mindful, Janet Fouts, has teamed up with CareWise™, an innovative solution for employee-caregivers to create a program offering a mindful approach for team leaders to enhance employee engagement and community in the workplace.

    In this workshop you will:

    • Identify opportunities to develop solutions to support all employees to reduce stress and burnout, improve engagement and productivity
    • Learn to initiate change skillfully by clearly communicating value and opportunity
    • Improve engagement, service, and sales through compassionate communication
    • Gain an understanding of the nature and magnitude of employee needs
    • Develop a human capital strategy to build positive, productive relationships and create a culture of care within the organization for all employees
    • Improve communication and nourish a collaborative culture

    Additional benefits

    • An interactive day of learning and self-care practices
    • Workbook outlining tools to facilitate
    • Resources document with all resources mentioned in the class, including the latest research
    • 6 month membership in the CareWise™ Platinum program for employee caregivers
    • Private 1-hour one-on-one coaching with your instructor- Janet Fouts
    • CareWise™ certificate of completion
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    San Jose, Ca.Jan 13 2020, 10 AM-4PM

  • Register for Online Workshop

    2-day online workshop 5PM-7PM PT, Jan 20 and Feb 4.