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Mindful Social Marketing: How Authenticity and Generosity are Transforming Marketing

With the firehose of information on the internet, how does a marketer stay sane? How can we be effective, enjoy our jobs and have real communication with the people that we want to connect to?

If you’re a marketer who feels overwhelmed by all the new roles getting thrown at you, mindfulness will increase your efficiency and help you be happier at your job.

If you’re already using mindfulness practices in your life, this book will give you new insight on how to use mindfulness in marketing and tested social media marketing tips that will help pull it all together.
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Reader Review: Whether you’re a marketer by trade or not, this book is a must-read to learn how to stay relevant – and sane – in a connected world where we’re bombarded by constant information and messaging. I know, you might be thinking, “
Mindfulness sounds like a great concept, but who has the time for sitting in lotus when you’re struggling to stay on top of it all?
” On the contrary, Janet Fouts explains how mindfulness is the key to not only improve your effectiveness as a marketer, but also to make meaningful connections in your work and find balance in your life. The good news is that you don’t have to spend hours on a meditation cushion! This book shows you how you can incorporate mindful moments into your work, from your day-to-day customer interactions to planning your long-term marketing planning, and is chock-full of resources and examples to inspire and guide you. So take a deep breath…and dive right into this insightful guide. ~M.K.